Tired of Your Song

I’m so tired of your song
It’s a stupid game you’ve thrown
Tearing everything apart
You claim to spark a brand new start

But don’t you think it would be strange
Should we pretend there was a change
In everything that we’ve been through
We were to do it all anew

I don’t think it would wise
It’s just a hopeless bad disguise
Can’t you see it’s not the way
It only causes a delay

Tired of Your Song er skrevet og produceret i sommeren 2021

Vokaler (1)
The Heritage 545 LE (1)
Classic Electric Piano (Logic Pro) (1)
Agile Synth Bass (Logic Pro) (1)
Bluebird trommer (Logic Pro) (1)

Udgivelsesdato: 21. september 2021
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