Leaving my senses far behind
Trusting the sanity of modern design

There’re absolutely no restrictions
We will accept can cause any limitations

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Watching democracies dissolving
As I am gradually turning to king

There can’t be border’s left, they’re gone
As we are masters each and everyone

Senses er skrevet og indspillet i sommeren 2021

Vokaler (3)
The Heritage 545 LE (1)
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop (1)
Clean Organ (Logic Pro) (2)
Circus Decays (Logic Pro) (1)
Ring Mod Sync Light (IK Multimedia) (1)
Cheasy Decays (Logic Pro) (1)
Analog Bubbles (Logic Pro) (1)
Eighties Electric (Logic Pro) (1)
Stinger Bass (Logic Pro) (1)
Heavy Kit trommer (Logic Pro) (1)

Udgivelsesdato: 21. september 2021
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