The People's Pet

We’re living in a world of talking heads
Where everybody wants to be the People’s Pet
I love you babe, you know it’s true
And if you don’t there’s really nothing to do

Building up an I, a plaster saint
Cocking up an image, that they really ain’t
Designing what is up and what is not
Is bringing all the blessings of a daily shot

We're living ..

Academic noise is everywhere
It’s hanging in the air just over there
Listing to the guy he’s out to lunch
He hasn’t got a clue and not a hunch

We're living ..

Politicians filling up your FakeBook-time
It’s kind of like a madhouse or a mental crime
Just like all the friends that you used to respect
Now you can only forget and reject

The People's Pet er skrevet og produceret i april-maj 2021

Vokaler (10)
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop (8)
Classic Electric Piano Piano (Logic Pro) (1)
Tight Synth Bass (Logic Pro) (1)
Stinger Bass (Logic Pro) (1)
SoCal trommer (Logic Pro) (1)

Udgivelsesdato: 21. september 2021
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