Summer's Gone

Sitting in the sunlight
Feeling rather dizzy
At this beach side bar
In the water
And reflections
In the grains of sand

Crowds of people
In the breakers
And on the burning sand
Living out
A holiday dream world
They’ve been longing - for
Just like we once did

So the summer’s gone
Didn’t take so long
Wonder what became of everything
All the plans and fun
All the sea and sun
Slipped away with the wind

Touching all the bodies
Covering the Lido
In the afternoon
Dazzling illustrations
Shaking all my observations

So the summer’s gone …

Touching all the bodies …

Summer's Gone er skrevet og produceret i juni 2021

Vokaler (7)
Yamaha LL6 (1)
Fender Stratocaster Custom Body (4)
Stinger Bass (Logic Pro) (1)
Heavy Kit trommer (Logic Pro) (1)

Udgivelsesdato: 21. september 2021
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