Sanssouci (Fill in the Blank)

I’m riding on my bicycle
It’s electrified
Just like its supposed to be

I can ride below the mills
That help me move so effortlessly
And even go uphill all the time
I’m close to the sublime

I can see everything from my bike
Even the heartbreakes and like
It’s such a strange ride

I’m driving in my SUV
It’s electrified
Just like its supposed to be

Ooh, the wind is pushing me
It seems so absolutely free
And I can forget how it was bulld
I don’ t feel any guilt

I can drive anywhere in my car
Urbanitizing the world
But nothing’s disturbed

Sanssouci (Fill in the Blank) er skrevet og indspillet i maj-juni 2021

Vokaler (1+1 (proc))
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop (2)
Studio Tenor Sax (Logic Pro) (1)
Studio Baritone Sax (Logic Pro) (1)
Jazz Section (Logic Pro) (1)
Jazz Organ (Logic Pro) (2)
Classic Electric Piano (Logic Pro) (1)
Würlitzer Classic (Logic Pro) (1)
Stinger Bass (Logic Pro) (1)
Bluebird trommer (Logic Pro) (1)
Sunset trommer (Logic Pro) (1)

Udgivelsesdato: 21. september 2021
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